The Client Role

A common problem with consulting legal experts is that it is not always possible to know what advice is needed or the full implications of what is proposed in a project at the start.

As a result it may be appropriate to ask for advice in stages - initially to explore the implications of the project in legal terms, then proceed to advice or action, for documents to be drafted or formal responses to be made to proposals from others (when negotiating leases or other contracts for example).

The Are You Ready section on getting advice from other professionals should be followed in relation to lawyers in terms of briefing and selection. Legal advisors can be asked to provide advice on all issues that they think are likely to be relevant to the project and asked what documentation and agreements are likely to be needed to meet the project's objectives.

For example if the project includes trying to make housing affordable that may include information on entitlement to benefits, if it includes activities like subletting property it may include advice on leases, licences and tenancies.

This advice initially will also provide opportunities to make provision to pay for this work and to discuss all issues with other stakeholders.