Identify the team

It is crucial to identify a cross-section of decision makers from key departments within the relevant authority who will be involved in developing and delivering the process. This may vary between relevant authorities but should include representatives from: the property, legal, finance, community development and economic regeneration departments. Input from the community sector, and, where appropriate, elected members from the beginning will help ensure a policy that is robust and has agreement from all sectors.

Be confident that the asset transfer process will respond to both relevant authority and community objectives and opportunities, it is important to take a strategic approach, working across departments to do so. Key questions to consider include: -

  • Do you have a clear understanding of the relevant strategic plans?
  • Is there a clear lead on asset transfer from the Chief Executive’s office and is this articulated through all the other departments involved?
  • Are your policy and processes in line with the legilsation and guidance from Scottish Government?