Capital Projects

Your Buildings Your Future is a resource which provides a guide to commission sustainable architecture for your community organisation. It provides a useful walk through of the various stages that are involved in a capital build project. It explains the roles of professionals that you might engage and how you will need to interact with them and at what stages. It provides clear representation and explanation of many terms that are particular to construction projects.

PDF icon A guide to commissioning sustainable architecture for community organisations.pdf

Another really useful guide has been produced by the Church of England which takes you through everything you need to know when your construction project is on site. So even if you have appointed a construction project manager it is still important that as clients you understand your role and responsibilities and that of all of the professional team. 

PDF icon Facilities Management - Managing the building works - Church of England.pdf

Construction costs are only one type of cost to consider when building/renovating an asset. Zero Waste Scotland have produced a useful tool, which calculates your building and infrastruture life time costs.