Resources: Webinars

How Can I Reduce My Community Building's Energy Bills, Now and in the Future?

The following webinar will: 
- Provide practical solutions to reducing your energy consumption now.
- Give you information on how you can decarbonise your community building and become more energy efficient, including information on the CARES programme.
- Outline what the benefits may be of signing up to the Scottish  Government Utilities Framework and how to go about doing that.
Speakers include: 
- Ryan Felber - Business Energy Advisor for Business Energy Scotland - Top tips for reducing energy consumption now.
- Mhairi MacSween and Graham McGrath –CARES Development Officers, Local Energy Scotland  - how can I decarbonise my community building and make it even more energy efficient.

Public Toilets – Webinar

Below you will find a webinar, delivered by Sandra Macaskill of CaskieCo, who has researched and written the publication 'Public Toilets - the real cost of spending a penny' for the Community Ownership Support Service, this webinar will draw on the experiences from urban and rural communities, discuss the issues to be considered and highlights some of the innovative approaches being taken.

Please note - this resource was produced in 2018 and has not been updated to reflect guidance in relation to Covid-19

Community Benefit Societies

This webinar will cover the Community Benefits Society (bencom) organisational structure. A bencom is an eligible structure for community groups seeking to make an asset transfer request and we are conscious that many will not have encountered this structure before. We have therefore arranged to hold two webinars to look at the bencom structure in more detail.

This first webinar is delivered by James Procter, Programme Manager of Community Shares Scotland. James provides an introduction to a bencom, why communities elect to adopt this legal form and the key characteristics.

Community Benefit Structures

Following our first webinar delivered by James Proctor, Programme Manager of Community Shares Scotland's introduction to the bencom structure in January, this second webinar is delivered by Stephen Phillips, Partner at Burness Paull. Stephen will cover the technical aspects of the Bencom structure in relation to the requirements of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act and organisational governance.

The Planning Journey: 10 Junctions A Town Planners Perspective

This guide seeks to help you think creatively about how to engage in the planning process. It looks at real circumstances or possible examples which may help communities think of alternative ways to be involved in the planning process, to secure benefits through development which may not otherwise be available to them.
In this webinar, Sheila Hobbs, Planning Director from Scott Hobbs Planning discusses different strategies to provide solutions to problems faced throughout the planning process.