Resources: Finances

Community Asset Transfer at Discounted Value

This note aims to brief community groups so they are in an informed position to argue the case for discounted value asset transfers from local authorities, and to assist local authorities with any required internal processes.

PDF icon Community Asset Transfer at Discounted Value - Briefing Note

Investing in Your Community

Investing in Your Community, a guide to managing community funds, by Highlands and Islands Enterprise

PDF icon Investing in Your Community

Protecting Public Investments - Clawback

HMT Guidance - explains the implications of “clawback”

PDF icon Protecting Public Investments - Clawback

Applying for your project overheads

Useful guidance notes on full cost recovery with excel worksheets

PDF icon Applying for your project overheads - Big Lottery

Simply Finance

A comprehensive guide to the different options for financing a community enterprise.

PDF icon Simply Finance

EU State Aid Rules and Community Transfer

This summary briefing note outlines what the European State Aid Rules are and offers a decision flow-chart, together with explanatory notes and a brief discussion of some key issues, to help community groups assess whether, and how, the Rules might impact on a planned community asset transfer.

PDF icon EU State Aid Rules and Community Transfer (COSS)

Trading and Community Associations

This information sheet is particularly related to trading on the part of Community Associations, including fundraising events, profits from letting, lotteries, sale of donated goods, donations, business sponsorship, etc.

PDF icon Trading and Community Associations (Community Matters)

Community Buildings and Taxation

This Information Sheet is somewhat out of date, however, contains useful information on corporation tax, income tax, gift aid, employees’ tax and national insurance and value added tax.  (Rates have changed and the stamp duty provisions should be ignored.)

PDF icon Community Buildings and Taxation (Community Matters)

Finance Hub VAT Briefing

This briefing explains the most important rules governing VAT on partnerships. It then explains how to make sure that your partnership operates within those rules.

PDF icon Finance Hub VAT Briefing

Requirements for Securing Finance

Table showing the main requirements/conditions for securing finance for a project, and the evidence that needs to be provided.

Microsoft Office document icon Requirements for Securing Finance

Business Plan Template

A Business Plan template which will help to ensure that the plans for developing and running a land or building asset are robust and realistic.

Microsoft Office document icon Business Plan Template

Business Plan: Collecting Evidence

Table showing each element of the business plan along with the evidence required to ensure that the project objectives will be met.

Microsoft Office document icon Business Plan: Collecting Evidence

Potential Costs / Income

Tables showing potential revenue costs and income, and potential capital costs and income

Microsoft Office document icon Potential Costs / Income

Breakeven Point - An Example

An example of a breakeven analysis to ensure that revenue costs are equal to revenue income - Breakeven Point (i.e. so no loss is incurred) - and what additionally may need to happen to achieve a profit/surplus of revenue income over revenue costs.

Microsoft Office document icon Breakeven Point - An Example