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The Scottish FA guide to Community Asset Transfers is aimed at football clubs across Scotland who are either considering or in the process of negotiating a change in the way they manage and secure facilities in their local community.

PDF icon 5264-SFA Asset Transfer doc Final March 17 WR3.pdf

Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 Asset Transfer Flowchart

A flowchart to guide you through the asset transfer process from relevant authority to community body under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

PDF icon flowchart feb 2016.pdf

Community Asset Transfer Lease - Viewpoints

Asset transfer considerations for the grant of a lease to a community body.

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Lease and Property Transaction Glossary

A glossary of lease and property transaction terms

PDF icon Lease and Property Transaction Glossary

Community Ownership of Piers, Slipways and Harbours

This information sheet has been prepared by the Community Ownership Support Service in conjunction with the Tobermory Harbour Association. It is designed to provide community groups with guidance to enable them to make informed decisions on the viability of marine assets.

PDF icon Community Ownership of Piers, Slipways and Harbours

Heads of Terms

Table listing the standard "heads of terms" for a lease agreement, with explanatory notes. Once agreed, this is used as the basis for instructing lawyers to prepare an agreement for completion.

Microsoft Office document icon Heads of Terms.doc

RICS Small Business Lease: Form

A fillable form for the RICS Small Business Lease

PDF icon RICS Small Business Lease: Form

RICS Small Business Lease: Guidance for Tenants

The purpose of this guide is to help tenants of the RICS Small Business Retail Lease (Scotland) understand some of the terms included.

PDF icon RICS Small Business Lease: Guidance for Tenants

Lease Provisions and Potential Impact

This document highlights lease provisions which existing projects have identified as having significant impact on the viability and sustainability of their project and their ability to use the assets to benefit their communities.

Microsoft Office document icon Lease Provisions and Potential Impact.doc

Standard Security Factsheet

Standard securities are sometimes used by those transferring a property, or those funding the purchase or development of the property. This Standard Security Factsheet explains standard securities and how they work.

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