Agreements with Users

There are many types of agreements for different purposes, the examples below are just a few. If you are looking at a Community Asset Transfer then talking with one of the COSS advisors about the types of legal arrangements is a good starting point. 

There are many factors to take in to account when deciding what type of legal agreement to use for hiring out your space. The presentation below from MacRoberts LLP explains the different agreements.

File Facilities Management - MacRoberts - Explanation of different agreements for use of your building.pptx

If you are entering into a licence or lease for use of your own space with another organisation then a good starting point is drawing up Heads of Terms. 

File Facilities Management - Heads of Terms Template - Sample.docx

This is an example of a licence to occupy.

File Facilities Management - LICENCE TO OCCUPY - ACM example.docx

You might want to hire out space in your facility, here are some examples of hire agreements, don't forget that these are just examples and they should always be adapted to your organisation and facility.

PDF icon Facilities Management - Booking Form - Forgewood Community Centre.pdf

File Facilities Management - Booking form - Cynon Linc - Example.docx

PDF icon Facilities Management - Booking Terms and Conditions - Cynon Linc - Example.pdf