Part 3: Participation Requests

Part 3: Participation Requests

Participation requests will allow a community body to enter into dialogue with public authorities about local issues and local services on their terms.

Where a community body believes it could help to improve an outcome which is delivered by a public service, it will be able to request to a part in a process with the public service authority to improve that outcome.  This could include suggesting how service providers could better meet the needs of users, offering volunteers to support a service or even proposing the community body could take over the delivery of the service themselves.

Asset Transfer and Participation Request - In some  cases Participation Requests can lead to an Asset Transfer Request (see following page) because community groups may wish to take over the function of delivering a service locally, not just participate in influencing how it is delivered. In these situations taking on delivery of a service will require a property to allow the delivery to take place and therefore what began as an intention to influence could become a fully developed proposal to run services locally in previously publicly owned assets.

The public body must agree to the participation request and set up a process unless there are reasonable grounds for refusal.  At the end of the process the public body will be required to  publish a report on whether the outcomes were improved and how the community body contributed to that improvement.

Guidance on participation requests has been published  Part 3 came into force on 1st April 2017.


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Participation Requests Guidance Notes

Part 3 of the Act 2015 on Participation Requests is focussed on extending and improving community participation in improving outcomes for their communities. It is the legislation that enables communities to request to participate in decisions and processes which are aimed at improving outcomes.

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