General Facilities Management

Facilities management is multi faceted and encompasses a vast array of topics. This resource library is an attempt to capture in one place documents, templates and links to information that will hopefully give you a good starting point. It is not meant as an all encompassing reference book. For this you may find it useful to look at the Community Hub Handbook by Local Trust, Power to Change and Locality and the Managing your Community Building by what was Community Matters.

Managing your Community Building – Community Matters (2000)

Although this document dates to 2000 and is not specific to Scotland it is one of the few comprehensive documents around. It has useful checklists for each section and gets you thinking about all aspects of manging your building.

The Community Hub Handbook - How to run a successful hub and make your neighbourhood thrive - Local Trust, Power to Change and Locality (2000)

Building Handover Checklist

What you should know and what you need to ask before and at handover of your building - checklist

File Facilities Management - Building Handover Checklist - Final - 15-08-22.docx


Day One -  What needs to be in place Checklist

This provides you with a check list of what should be in place before you open your building for use.

File Facilities Management - Day One - What should be in place - Final - 15-08-22.docx


Managing and maintenance of physical asset Checklist (who is responsible list) – COSS APP6 workbook

File Facilities Management - tasks required for managing your facility (APP6) - checklist.docx


Managing the use of the asset checklist (who is responsible) – COSS APP6

File Facilities Management - tasks required for managing the use of your facility (APP6) - checklist.docx

Hub Manual Contents List (Procedural manual) 

Many buildings produce a procedure or operations manual, this is a list of headings that could be used (thanks to Muir of Ord Development Trust)

PDF icon Facilities Management - The Muir Hub Manual - Contents.pdf


Village and Community Halls Handbook 

DTA Scotland and SCVO present the essential Village and Community Halls Handbook, tailored for managers of community spaces across Scotland. This guide, developed in partnership with the Community Ownership Support Service (COSS) and supported by the Scottish Rural Network, provides vital information to help you effectively manage and sustain village and community halls.

Key Highlights of the Handbook: 

  • Governance and Ownership: Understand the structures and ownership types necessary for effective management.
  • Facilities Management: Learn crucial aspects of maintaining safe, accessible community spaces.
  • Digital Integration: Discover how to digitize your hall and engage with your community online.
  • Sustainability Practices: Implement steps towards energy efficiency and sustainability in response to the climate emergency.
  • Funding and Support: Access tips on securing funding and a directory of supportive organizations.

Explore detailed guidance and more by visiting the SCVO’s Village and Community Halls Handbook page.