The Design Brief

An outline is provided here on what should be included in a design brief which will be further developed in detail with input from the professional team as the project is detailed.

Building / Landscape Design Brief
The brief where possible should describe or provide issues to be addressed on the following:

Background to the Project

The Site/Building
Background Information Available (Surveys etc)

The Client

Who they are
Their vision, mission, and objectives as an organisation

Aims of project

What the client wants from the Building/Land

Detailed Requirements (where possible/appropriate and potentially room by room)

  • Proposed Uses/Users and kinds of activities to be accommodated - no of homes, workspace types etc plus ancillary space e.g. storage, kitchens, tea points, meeting rooms
  • Accessibility Requirements - who needs to be able to access the building
  • Environment and Services Requirements
  • Energy efficiency - insulation, sensor controlled automatic lights when occupied/in use for example
  • Energy Generation
  • Water / Water harvesting
  • Lighting/Natural light
  • Ventilation - natural or mechanical
  • Acoustics - for example activities may require more or less noise insulation
  • IT / Electricity supply requirements - for example some workspace users may need particular kinds of supplies
  • Waste and Recycling - facilities specified and located for ease of use by building users and managers
  • Safety and Security - alarms, controlled access (intercoms/swipe systems) shuttering (internal/ external)
  • Fixtures and Fittings - equipment, signage etc
  • Sanitary Provision - WC's, Washing/shower facilities
  • Cleaning/maintenance equipment storage
  • External areas
  • Storage
  • Access - parking and loading
  • Cycle racks / security
  • Specific facilities - play areas, seating etc

Proposed Programme and Budget

(where possible/appropriate)

Other Attributes



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