Post construction

This stage of the process represents the point when responsibility for the project is handed from the contractor back to you, the new owner/manager.

It is important that as much attention to detail is paid at this point as in the initial design stage. This is particularly the case for snagging and defects rectification. Typically contracts allow for dealing with any problems with the building via a Defects Liability period when the contractor would be expected to come back to rectify any problems. A proportion of final payment (called a retainer) is held back until all problems have been dealt with.

These stages are notorious for finding that contractors and professional advisors have moved on from their work on the project and do not prioritise dealing with post construction problems.

Issues associated with this can be minimised if all of the documentation needed to enable the managing organisation to deal with inspection, maintenance and repairs is provided formally at a Handover meeting with the client, professional team and Construction Company. This meeting should be preceded with a walk around the project.

Handover Checklist 

  • Full set of drawings of the building(s) showing all services, drainage etc. 
  • Full sets of keys/codes  etc. appropriately labelled and documented 
  • Confirmation of commissioning of utilities and services (alarms etc.)       
  • Compliance documentation for electrical and gas systems, emergency lighting, alarms, lifts (Internal and External as necessary)
  • Snagging lists and agreed processes and timetable for remedy.
  • All warranties/guarantees/ operating instructions for equipment (e.g. water and space heating, building management systems etc.)
  • Metering locations and details of suppliers where appropriate
  • Full contact details for design team, contractors and significant sub contractors





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