Partnerships that work

A strong partnership between the local authority, or other relevant authority,  and the community sector organisation(s) involved in the transfer of an asset is key to delivering successful asset transfers. This was a consistent finding from the review of DTA Scotland’s Promoting Asset Transfer programme and the Year Two report of Advancing Assets for Communities, a similar research and demonstration programme delivered by Locality in England.

The principles outlined in this section draw on the findings from these programmes. They are aimed at informing all organisations (public, private and community) engaged in the transfer of an asset on how best to support and sustain a successful transfer.

The principles draw on extensive research and interviews with case managers, Local Authority key players and staff and volunteers from the community partners in nearly thirty individual asset transfer cases. This research with practitioners teased out the factors that can make partnerships work in asset transfer, those that act as barriers to effective partnerships, and how the quality of partnerships affect both the outcomes and the process.

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