Legislation for Place Planning

The Planning (Scotland) Act 2019  proposes changes to how land is developed and used supporting a more inclusive and collaborative planning system. Communities will have more say in shaping the future development of their areas in a radical shake-up of planning laws.

A new right means people will now be able to prepare Local Place Plans (LPPs)  covering what will be done in their communities, including over issues such as housing, open space and community facilities as well as highlighting local priorities for business and employment opportunities.

Local Authorities will be legally required to take Local Place Plans into account when preparing their development plans.

These strategies will provide long-term direction to large scale development, matching local and national planning needs, outcomes and priorities.

Additionally, the National Planning Framework, Scotland’s long-term plan for future development, will now be required to be approved by Parliament.

Other changes covered by the Act include new powers for local authorities to introduce control areas where planning permission will always be required if owners want to change the use of their property to short-term lets.