Locality Plans

As well as producing Local Outcome Improvement Plans which cover the whole local authority area the Community Planning Partnerships also have to identify smaller areas within the local authority area which experience the poorest outcomes, and prepare and publish Locality Plans to improve outcomes on agreed priorities for these communities (the outcomes prioritised for improvement in a locality plan may differ from those in the LOIP). The aim is also to ensure greater community involvement as it is often easiest for community bodies to participate in community planning at locality or neighbourhood level, where it can have most relevance to their lives and circumstances.

Each CPP will produce at least one Locality Plan and some CPPs will produce many – there is no fixed number. For example, the CPP may also choose to apply locality planning approaches to other or all neighbourhoods in their area.  This can for instance be an effective ways of involving local communities in identifying local priorities, and in shaping and delivering responses to these. Lessons learned from asset based approaches involving the local community in one locality area may provide useful insights for other localities.

There are many different ways that communities can be consulted on the LOIP and Locality Plans, but the CEA sets out a specific way that community participation can be improved. 

Part 3 of the Act Participation Requests is focused on extending and
improving community participation in improving outcomes for communities. It is the legislation that enables communities to request to participate in decisions and processes which are aimed at improving outcomes.