Local Outcome Improvement Plans

When you are developing your project in preparation for taking ownership of an asset, it is very important to know what the local priorities of the Community Planning Partnership are, as well as the national outcomes set by the Scottish Government. 

You will want to ask yourselves how your project fits with and delivers some of these outcomes. You can use these plans to show that you can be part of the delivery of them.

After all, Community Planning is about how public bodies work together, and with local communities, to design and deliver better services that make a real difference to people's lives.

Community Planning brings together local public services with the communities they serve, and can target specific local circumstances through partnership working. Partners work together to improve local services and to ensure that they meet the needs of local people, especially those who need the services most.

Communnity Planning Partnership Plans

CPPs are responsible for producing two types of plan to describe their local priorities and planned improvements:

  • Local Outcomes Improvement Plans, which cover the whole council area.
  • Locality Plans, which cover smaller areas within the CPP area, usually focusing on areas that will benefit most from improvement. Each CPP will produce at least one Locality Plan and some CPPs will produce many – there is no fixed number. 

Community Participation

Community participation lies at the heart of community planning, and applies in the development, design and delivery of plans as well as in their review, revision and reporting. Consultation is no longer enough - CPPs and community planning partners must act to secure the participation of communities throughout.

CPPs should organise themselves in whatever way they think will help them to work well. As part of this, they should make sure that everyone involved is clear about what they have agreed to do and who is responsible for doing what.

More information on community planning:

Getting involved

Any third sector or community organisation that is keen to participate and engage with the community planning process, may wish to contact their local third sector interface. Third sector interfaces support effective community planning by building links between voluntary organisations and the local CPP.