Creating Place Plans

As well as introducing statutory duties for CPPs to produce Local Outcome Improvement Plans and Locality plans, the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 also introduced a new right for communities themselves to produce Local Place Plans. This is important because the Act also indicates that planning authorities should ‘have regard to’ these Plans when forming their own plans.

This section of the website explains the different approaches and provides links to tools and resources that help communities to take control of their own Community Place Planning process. To learn more about how you can input into statutory plans delivered by public agencies navigate to the Community Planning section.

There are different terms applied to the process of Place Planning with and by a community. Three of the most common are:

  • Placemaking – often used by professionals e.g. architects and town planners. A popular way of carrying this out in recent years has been using Charrettes -  which bring together the public, stakeholders and designers over a number of days to draw up proposals to make their towns and villages better places to live. 
  • Community Action Planning – developed  by communities for their communities, these  are "bottom-up" action plans. They demonstrate the needs and aspirations identified by the community, both in terms of the physical environment and in service delivery,  and work out who needs to contribute to make them happen. There will be projects the community itself can accomplish, others that they can do in partnership with others and yet others that will need to be done by public agencies.  These action plans can form a vital part of ensuring that services are delivered to meet local needs.  
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